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Prerequisite: Successful completion of an A.A.S. Radiologic Technology program or ARRT registered.
This course will provide the radiographer with a brief history of how MRI was developed and the different main mathematical methods that are utilized in MRI The radiographer will learn about the different pulse sequences, different types of data maniuplation, sequence parameters, and imaging options that are essential when performing MRI examinations. This course will prepare the radiographer for the ARRT's MRI registry exam.

Description Prerequisite: Successful completion of A.A.S. degree in Radiologic Technology or ARRT registered.
Prerequisites Instructor Permission Required from WILKERSON, KIMBERLY LYNN or Instructor Permission Required from HEISNER, HOLLY RENEE
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 4.00
Credit Types Standard

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