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PREREQUISITE: Minimum age of 18 years; successful completion of TRUK 1201 or consent of Department Dean; valid Commercial Driver's License Learner's Permit; provide Motor Vehicle Report; successful completion of a DOT Physical/Drug Screen (to be arranged by Rend Lake College Truck Driver Training Program staff)
An introduction to the skills and techniques utilized in the operation of a semi-tractor trailer unit. Instruction will include driver safety and introduction to backing, shifting and cornering techniques. Students will be assisted with job placement. Industry recruiters will conduct employment seminars throughout the class.

LL Lecture Lab
Description Manufacturing Employment Skills is designed to be a course to familiarize students with the history and Process Technology & Systems of the manufacturing industry along with the manufacturing industry in proximity to Rend Lake College. Learners will also be expected to demonstrate necessary workplace skills required to be a reliable, informed, dependable, safe, productive employee in industry. Topics which will be covered include: history and types of manufacturing, safety in the workplace, work ethics, work environment, shift work and schedules, process equipment and human resources. Successful students will exhibit they have incorporated instruction into their day to day activities. This complete course along with individual evaluations could be used as an employee screening tool.
Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites TRUK 1203 / LL Lecture Lab
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Standard

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